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March 26 2014


Bodybuilding Pros Reveal Positive Effects Of Human Growth Hormone (hgh) Supplements - Myfoxnepa.com

During the popular bodybuilding talk show, which airs every Sunday at 6 p.m. Eastern Time, listeners can learn workouts how to receive discounts on all Purity Select HGH products for sale on HGH.com. IFBB pros Ben White and Tara Silzer also use Purity Select supplements from HGH.com to maintain their physiques and prepare for competitions. For years, they have advised clients on http://gegebuk.hol.es/blogs/viewstory/489 the use of supplements in their work as personal trainers and nutritionists. Both White and Silzer offer remote personal training and diet plans via HGH.com and are committed to helping fellow bodybuilders learn how to safely and effectively use HGH and other muscle-building supplements. "I have achieved amazing results with HGH.com supplements without the HGH side effects I had experienced with other products," said Silzer. "Purity Select's Clen XDV and Winstrol MAX clicking here not only produced better results than other brands, but they didn't cause dry joints or jitters like previous supplements did," Silzer explained. "Now that I am downsizing my physique to a more tapered esthetic look, I will continue to use Win MAX and HGF MAX.
Read more: http://www.myfoxnepa.com/story/25066211/bodybuilding-pros-reveal-positive-effects-of-human-growth-hormone-hgh-supplements

February 17 2014


Don't Diet - Wrap Yourself In Cling Film

workouts src='http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2014/02/16/article-0-1B882B6A00000578-768_634x779.jpg' width='200px' alt='Beyonce shocked and amazed everyone earlier this year after losing weight but keeping her curves through a specific exercise programme created by her personal trainer' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> On the day of the treatment, Vicky measures 13 points on my body including my Shin Ohtake workouts upper arms, waist and calves. I then lie face-down on the bed while she massages in the oily solution, starting with my legs before moving up to the arms. Oiled up, its time to wrap. I feel a bit like a marinated chicken waiting to be cooked. I stand up so Vicky can wrap me up using her giant roll of film. This is said to create a barrier around the treatment area. The heat from being wrapped in the film Shin Ohtake also helps open your pores so the oil is fully absorbed. While I look and feel as though Ive been wrapped in bog-standard supermarket cling film, the wrap is actually made from a plant-based material.
More http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2560823/Dont-diet-wrap-cling-film.html

February 10 2014


Fitness Business

"It's nice, it's giving me a lot of experience, but eventually I want to branch into personal training." Nare said his job at Planet Fitness includes teaching classes to groups of gym members and helping individual members create personal work-out programs, but he doesn't often get to work one-on-one with members. fitness He said he has the benefit of health insurance working for Planet Fitness, but he would probably make more money as an independent personal trainer. "I http://mullikinonline.beeplog.com/ have looked into doing it on my own, obviously I have to do some marketing and get my name out there. The hardest part is just finding a gym that would let you do it," he said. "A lot of gyms want the trainer to work for them; they don't want people to just come in freelance and train people." Nare said the policy at Planet Fitness is to cancel the membership of any personal trainer who tries to train clients at the gym after receiving a warning to stop, which is typical of many corporate chain gyms. Making a living Keller said she estimates it would take about 30 clients for a personal trainer in the local area to make a living as a personal trainer. Keller and fellow trainer Stelianos Canallatos both give a percentage of their client fees to Fit Happens in exchange for use of the gym.
Source: http://leaderherald.com/page/content.detail/id/562051/Fitness-business.html

January 31 2014


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